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Ho Hey UK!

The Student Activities Board at the University of Kentucky were preparing for what was rumored on campus to be their biggest show yet. A couple days before The Lumineers were scheduled to arrive, I received an e-mail from the features editor for The Kentucky Kernel asking for a writer to report on the show. I jumped at the opportunity. Before I knew it I was being handed a media pass, grabbing front row interviews with students, and writing down every detail of the atmosphere around me. I am so honored to have had the experience and to have the story published front page! I know you must be professional and all, but I may or may not have screamed along to The Lumineers’ hit song, “Ho Hey!” when it was played. Sometimes you need to let your true fan girl side show. Follow the link below to read my story! 

Condѐ Nast…Notice Me!

Condѐ Nast, you don’t know my name yet, but you will! My father would always subscribe to your magazine. I would read each issue, but more importantly drool over the breathtaking pictures that would fill the pages. What stories intrigued me the most wasn’t the reviews of certain hotels, but the stories that presented issues. I envied the stories that drew you in within the first few paragraphs with the enriching descriptions of the destination of the writer, then transitioning to a true issue that is effecting that area. Here is where news and opinion almost intertwine in a sense. You receive the best of both worlds in travel journalism. Ah, now you see why my love runs so deeply for such a career! I can take my readers to the destinations I am through my details, yet I can inform and tell someone’s story somewhere in the world. See Condѐ Nast, I understand you. Need a writer for your next story? Pick me! Pick me! 

Where am I now?

Lexington, Kentucky is where I call my home. From back roads and sunsets, the beauty is unmistakable. I can be dining in the midst of the city at Natasha’s Bistro & Bar on my Saturday night, then take a Sunday drive on the outskirts of town and capture such a view one couldn’t resist pulling off on the side of the road just to stare. I hope my love for traveling will take me around the world, but for now the beauty of the Bluegrass is more than enough. 

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